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Just a few years ago, knowing other languages was a differential. Nowadays, this view has completely changed, and in such a globalized world, this has become a necessity. Having fluency in other languages is about being able to have more opportunities in different areas.


Obviously, this can open many doors in the job market, since several companies nowadays already see this as a prerequisite to opt for certain vacancies, and those who do not have this skill can end up being left behind.


The good news is that now to learn new languages we have technology in our favor. We practically don’t even need to leave the house to do this anymore. All you have to do is have your smartphone in hand and choose one of the many applications on the market to learn new languages. They offer all the content we need to learn from scratch or even for those who already have some knowledge.


That way, if you are looking for applications to learn new languages, you cannot miss reading today’s post. I have selected the best apps for you. Trust me, they really work and it’s worth trying. Check out!



Have you ever seen or heard about this little green owl. Currently, this is one of the most downloaded applications of the moment when you want to learn a new language.


With Duolingo, you can learn Spanish, French, German, etc., all in an interactive and fun way. You can access the full content completely free of charge! It’s already worth it, right?


And best of all, it really works. Studies have confirmed that 34 hours of Duolingo is equivalent to 1 university semester of language classes. Can you imagine having all this on your cell phone and still learning while having fun?


Well, that’s the proposal of the app. With each wrong answer to the questions, the user will lose points, as well as, by accumulating them, he will advance in the units in each achievement.


Download now, and learn a new language for free and fun. It is available for Android and iOS systems.


Millions of people are already using this app and you can’t miss out! On Babbel you can access more than 14 languages. Some of them are: German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Italian, among others.


The app has stood out on the market since it was developed exclusively by language specialists, and its effectiveness has already been proven on numerous occasions. Through short lessons it is possible to learn the language you want.


To start learning, the user can practice with exercises in real situations, either writing or speaking. It is also possible to improve pronunciation, as the application has voice recognition technology. It also has a review feature, thus making learning more complete as it facilitates memorizing all the content.


Available for Android and iOS systems.



Let’s agree that before, learning new languages was somewhat monotonous. They were huge handouts that we couldn’t even memorize. But that’s a thing of the past!


Now with Memrise we can learn several languages in a fast and fun way, such as Spanish, German, Italian, and many others.


The app is free, and to facilitate learning, the developers have created three stages so that people can learn more naturally and quickly. Check out these steps below:


  • Intelligent teaching and review engine: Learn to speak large amount of words and short sentences by fixing the content;


  • Immerse yourself in the language: Study better what has already been learned using audio and video clips with native speakers;


  • Speaking: One of the most difficult things when learning a language is to loosen the tongue, but with Memrise you practice without fear of making mistakes through intelligent pronunciation sessions, thus gradually building more confidence in the language.


Do you want to learn a new language and make a difference? Download Memrise and try it out! Available for Android and iOS systems.


Apparently, the excuses to learn a new language are over. Want to start changing your life today? So choose one of the apps I brought you and learn in a fun way!

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