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If you are one of those people who are always looking for new music, then you need to read our post today!


I don’t know about you, but I love to do all my daily tasks listening to music, but after a while I get bored very quickly. But now I found different ways to discover new music according to my tastes. And of course I had to come here and share this discovery with you.


In the past, to listen to music on the cell phone, we had to follow almost a “protocol”, so to speak. These days it has gotten much easier. We have several audio streaming platforms available that offer high quality music, whether in free or paid plans. And these platforms have several practical tools to discover new music.


So you can make a new discovery every day and update your playlists. With so much good music out there we can’t settle for the usual, right. Do you want to discover new artists, soundtracks and even songs you never imagined? So keep reading and see the tips I’ve separated for you.


Personalized recommendations: discover new music based on your listening history and music preferences

Definitely technology advances more every day! Did you know that according to your listening history and musical preferences, the streaming platform itself recommends you new personalized songs? It’s practically as if the platform knows you well and knows for sure that you’re going to like a certain song. This is really amazing!


These artist and album nominations are based on your taste in music and the tracks you listen to most often on the app. This makes it much easier to find personalized news thinking of you!



Daily Recommendations: Get daily recommendations to discover new music and artists

Can you imagine having a new discovery every day? There are several music apps that daily put featured songs on the home screen, and even the time at which this happens can vary. All based on how you use the platform and what your usual hours are.


And of course, when I refer to music apps, I couldn’t fail to mention Spotify, which undoubtedly leads the world market.


This popular platform makes daily suggestions to its users, be it albums, tracks and new artists. With this, it is much easier to stay up to date and stay on top of all trends. And right away, having the best of national and international music in the palm of your hand.


Genre-based playlists: explore different genres of music and find new music you might like

And I certainly couldn’t stop talking about the famous and beloved playlists. These lists are for organizing songs and playing in sequence. On streaming platforms we can find a multitude of them. They can be separated according to various characteristics: artist, rhythm, genre, lifestyle, etc.


In the specific case of playlists classified by genres, we can find everything. And it seems that every day new musical genres are emerging. It’s rock, reggae, heavy metal, classical, and more. Among so many genres, sometimes you can be surprised by new discoveries.


Vocaloid, liquid grime, catstep, gypsy punk…do you know any of these genres? Yeah, believe it or not, we can find the most diverse genres and musical categories. New music is being created all the time and streaming services offer the best to their users.


To access genre-based playlists on your preferred platform, click on the magnifying glass (search) located on the home screen. All available genres will appear for you to choose one.


You can choose a different genre every day and be amazed by your new discoveries. Then press play and enjoy the music!

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