Playlist: Create the perfect soundtrack for any occasion

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Surely you must have seen the word playlist somewhere, as it is used a lot and more when it comes to audio streaming platforms. Basically it is a list where you can organize songs of your choice to play in sequence.


These lists can be made either by genre, rhythm, artist, or even according to your mood. On the platform of your choice, you can create several personalized playlists, and even, if you wish, you can share with friends or listen to the ones that were created by them as well.


Now that you know a little more about what it’s all about, how about creating a perfect soundtrack for your party or any occasion? Keep reading and see the tips I’ve separated for you. Check out!

Create custom playlists: create the perfect soundtrack for your day or event

Can you imagine gathering all your favorite songs to listen to them in your daily life? Or even, if you need to organize an event, you can separate some tracks to play in sequence, all in a very simple way!


The first thing to do is think about what kind of occasion your playlist will be for. If you want to listen to it on a daily basis, you can choose your favorite songs and listen to them whenever you want, all in the sequence you prefer.


Now, if you need to make some playlists for a party or event, and you’re in charge of the music, it’s best to choose songs that everyone knows, and that are recent and popular. This way you will be most successful with your selection.


If you already have all this in mind, then it’s time to make your soundtrack. Go to your preferred audio streaming platform and choose the tracks you want. Normally, on most platforms, to do this, just click on the three dots next to the music. Click on them, and select the “Add to playlist” option. Remember that the tracks will play in the sequence in which they are added. So, give your list a name. That way, if you make several, it will be easier to identify each one.

Then, to access your playlists go to the library. Ready. Now just play and enjoy!


Easily add and remove songs: Easily edit your playlists to keep your music fresh

Having already created your playlists, it is now much easier to add or even remove tracks.


If you want to add new songs, just do the same procedure as above. If you have created several playlists, choose which one you want to add this new track to. Or, if you no longer want certain music to be on any of them, and you want to remove it, it’s also very simple.


Go to the library, and click on the playlist where you want to remove the song. When the tracks appear, see which one you want to remove and click on the three dots that appear on the right. Then tap remove. If you want to remove several, just repeat the same steps for the other songs.

See how simple it is? So you can always keep your playlists updated according to your preferences.

Playlist Sharing: Share your playlists

Streaming platforms usually allow you to create lists and then share them with friends, or whoever you prefer. To do this, enter the platform you are using and then go to the library. Then all your playlists will appear. Click on the three dots to the right of the one you want to share. On the next screen, several sharing options will appear. Now just select where you want your list to be forwarded.


In some apps, you can also create collaborative playlists where your friends can add or remove songs. In the specific case of Spotify, the user can create a list with several members, inviting new members through links sent by WhatsApp or other social networks. With this, all members of the list can actively participate. This platform is available for Android and iOS systems.


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