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How to listen to free music on Spotify



These applications are very diverse, where we can find from GPS to social networks. Users can access various functions and resources that will certainly provide a better experience for those who like to fish. And believe me, even if you need to tie knots, and you don’t know, there’s also an app that explains everything in simple steps.

Already want to know a little more? So keep reading and discover the apps I’ve separated for you in today’s post.



Whatsapp: groups to exchange information about the best places, the weather, among others

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Certainly Whatsapp is one of the biggest platforms worldwide to communicate. And even for those who like to fish it has become very useful, as through the groups it is easier to communicate and organize everything.

Therefore, exchanging information about the best places, arranging meetings, organizing trips, and even sending funny memes, can be done in the same application. Also, in the groups it is possible to share interesting content, ask questions and post photos of captures.

Many also use it to make video calls and meetings with all group members. And best of all, you might not even need to download the app, as nowadays it’s rare for someone not to have this app installed on their smartphone.

Navionics — Boating Marine & Lakes

Navionics is one of the favorite apps among sailors, fishermen and divers. Here the user can access detailed graphics and advanced GPS features.

Among its many features are database graphics, navigation aids, creating routes through waterways and narrow channels, and much more. You can also search for real-time weather information and forecasts.

It is definitely worth downloading this app. There are more than 2000 daily updates. Enjoy and try a free trial for 14 days. It is available for Android and iOS.

Fishing knots

If you don’t know how to tie knots or want to improve your knowledge, this app will be a great ally. Through playful drawings, it is possible to visualize the main moorings and check out a detailed step-by-step on how to do them. All this using videos and images.

The app is very functional for those who are just starting to work on the line or for those who already have more experience, and want to remember.

Available for Android and iOS systems.

Fishing Points: Fishing and GPS

This is one of the most complete and used apps on the market. With it you can turn your smartphone into an advanced fishing tool. It’s very easy to save your favorite places and then find them using the GPS on your cell phone.

Likewise, the app has other very useful functions, such as for example forecasts of the fish preview which indicates where they will be most active during the day. And even indicates the best time to fish. For this, the app is based on solunar forecasts, weather conditions and tide tables.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, this app is highly recommended and definitely a must have on your smartphone.

Available for Android and iOS.


This app is about a community of fishermen that already reaches more than 13 million users worldwide. The app was created by fishermen for fishermen, which puts more emphasis on the social aspect and where to catch.

With Fishbrain you can connect and find fishermen nearby, and you can even track who is fishing and what species of fish. As well, you can access more accurate locations and better points. All using information shared by other anglers.

Download now! You certainly won’t regret it. It is available for Android and iOS systems.

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